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Andah started his legal career as state counsel, rising early to become but not enough discussion about Bonds. Phasellus ultrices nulla quis nibh..

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  1. This is the movie traumatized me watching eva green movie or series, because she love killing her character and its hearbreaking 😢😅

  2. Lets see. Imma walk by this couple making out in the hallway, who totally ignored the womans screams. Alls fine. But, wait a minute… _An earpiece?_ Dude gotta go down!

  3. In the new film the diverse female Bond is the one fighting 2 straight white 220lb toxically masculine males whilst Daniel Craig in a beautiful black dress and heels tries to find a way out

  4. And now we have a black female 007 with LGBT haircut. When are they going to stop doing this? Everything thats gone WOKE has gone BROKE (lookin at you, Dark Fate).

  5. A lot of unusual and incredibly clever elements to this fight that make it as chaotic as possible: a surprise attack, theyre in a stairway (a terrible place to have a fight and to film one), theres a machete involved and of course Vesper is there just trying to avoid it all. Its almost an anti-fight, which is brilliant. You expect it to be smooth, cool and predictable and its a chaotic, horrible mess where people just clumsily fight and eventually die a grim death. Casino Royale is a great movie in its own right, but its a masterpiece because we expect the same old thing weve seen in dozens of previous Bond movies.

  6. Later on Mr. Le Chiffre pays his regards to Mr. Bond by scratching his balls for getting rid of those men. 😂

  7. I like how this film wasnt afraid of showing the villain being vulnerable, portraying him as an actual human being rather than an untouchable figure.

  8. Some people call this realistic but they didnt notice Bond took a direct hit from a sword to his left hand in 2:28 without even drop a sweet lol

  9. Why would the terrorists automatically attack Bond because they saw his ear piece? I dont see the motivation for them to attack someone that isnt a threat to them even if they suspect he is an agent of some sort.

    • I think it was more they were on high-alert after terrorizing Chiffe and saw how close the couple were to the room, the ear-piece made the connection for them.

  10. Im watching this fight, and just seeing a fractured bone every time they tumble and throw each other down the stairs. They good bro. Lmao

  11. …and still…the winner by submission, at 3:22 of the second round, is Bond… James Bond

  12. everything I watch the part where Eva Green grabs his hand to shake the gun off, I ask myself, why the fuck didnt she just kick his hand?

  13. To me She was not good enough to be a bond girl.. many other wouldve done way better

  14. Stand up people! Do you want people on earth to have life and peace in your country? Come to Georgia from all over the world and kill this government before the eyes of God! Otherwise, no one on earth can survive the corona virus sown by lies!

  15. Connery was the best Bond ever. But it is a new day, and 007 calls for an unleashed tiger like Craig! Hes just perfect.
    I should be ashamed to say I like Tom Cruises action scenes. But Daniel leaves him in the dust!

  16. The writing on the door at the bottom was one letter off from reading I SPLAT.

  17. Perfect scene in my blue ray copy there is a snippet taken out in this copy you see the first bad guy hit the ground after bond flipped him over the top stairwell railing. I love this movie so much.

  18. I like how bond struggles in this fight, it shows that he’s human and not a superhero.

  19. I always loved how brutal the fight scenes in Daniel Craigs era of Bond are.

  20. everytime i see Eva Green my heart pause,my eye stops blinking to observe her beauty…how beautiful she is.

  21. She was one of the better bond girls, but he is a bit of a dick to her in this film, bossing her about.

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  23. Anyone thinking of becoming a chiropractor should find a ton of inspiration from this clip.

  24. Casino Royale changed the action game for 007 movies. For the 1st time it was more extreme physical contact and realistic compared to other movies and less dependent on gadgets.

  25. I love this woman!!! I would do anything for a tight hug! Her colors are … omg!!! what a woman!! I want to squeeze her in my arms!! ahhhh my baby!!! MF Bond how dare you touching this goddess!!! ?????? She is like Artemis!!

  26. As Bonds love, Eva Green was so much more believable than Lea Seydoux … NTTD is a great disappointment compared with CR …

  27. Great sequence. It goes straight to the point. You must be really strong to pull and push someone down the stairs though. This is possible and it shows the capabilities of main character even it is not a superhero movies

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  29. I like how the stairwell fight in No Time to Die had subtle callbacks to this scene. Also, the fight went upstairs, in the other direction that this fight went.

    • @The Bosnian Dragon probably the best shot and edited bond movie next to skyfall

    • @The Bosnian Dragon Dude get off the comment section of any James bond video until you see it. You’ll inevitably see spoilers. Hell, even YouTube will recommend you a video that has spoilers in the title soon enough if you have watched a few old Bond videos like this

    • @The Bosnian Dragon I don’t know how to judge if it was well edited. It looks the same as the other films in my opinion

    • No spoilers please I havent seen it yet but do tell me if the hand to hand combat in No Time to Die is well shot and edited? Thanks in advance

  30. Great scene! You were really worried for those beautiful dresses to be torn into pieces.

  31. Always quickly find a place to hide the bodies. Adequate coverage matters.

  32. One of the best, ever James Bond realistic fight scenes and for its time… this was the first discovery of the new Bond. Watching it was visceral feeling in your guts: gritty realism!! A tough, uncompromising secret agent who doesn’t mind getting up close and personal with the bad guys. His bloodied face and shirt just added to the brilliant fight scene.

  33. #1 fight scene followed by the train fight between Bond and Red Gant in From Russia With Love.

  34. Double 0 or not, bond realize he just got lucky not to die in this fight

  35. Oky, after watching this, I’m not certain if I should bring a knife to a gun fight…

  36. Its more than likely closer to what deniable operatives do to keep us safe.

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  39. This was a fucking awesome scene. Edge of the seat thriller and one can see the brawn and power of a real man.. a bond agent who kills with his own hands with raw power

  40. Casino Royale is still THE BEST bond film in my eyes, ever. Casting was impeccable, action choreography was unparalleled

    • Casino Royal is a classic because it does what its supposed to do. It breaks away from the Silliness, unreality and bland over the top formula that was so prevalent in the Connery, Moore and Brosnan years. Neither of the three men I mentioned had the depth as an actor that Daniel Craig possessed which is why Connery relied primarily on his formidable swagger, Moore on his looks and not much else and Brosnan on his suave well preserved veneer. While on a superficial level these traits for the casual, easily entertained Viewer may suffice, for an newer emerging generation of movie goers and directors, this just doesnt work in an age where movie goers prefer realism. (Note: Yes Craigs movies had some moments where there was some suspension from reality but overall they were far more believable) Which is why the Bond genre was quickly becoming irrelevant and losing prestige when compared to the far more engaging and grittier films that were taking audiences by storm such as The Bourne Supremacy, Jack Reacher etc….
      The acting in previous Bonds were dated compared to what we have today and frankly I feel the older Bonds just dont stimulate the viewer to think. Theyre just one formula after another on the conveyer belt. Daniel Craig changed all of that with the aid of Directors who shared the same vision he held. Casino Royal introduces you to the REAL Bond from the novels as opposed to the HOLLYWOOD Bond. And there in lies the reason why Casino Royal appeals to movie goers who like to have the world as it is and not some cartoonish parody. Casino Royal is the first in a story that continues to be told in each Craig movie where each connects to the one before it. Previous Bond movies were stand alone features with Outlandish plots that were so vapid and schlocky, that looking back now I wonder why I watched them in the first place. Craigs depiction tells a story and brings you not only into his world but the world he travels in, the characters who give you a glimpse into Bonds psyche and what motivates and also torments the man. It is a stroke of genius on the part of the directors, Craig himself and Barbara Broccoli for taking this route. The result is a masterpiece in Casino Royal and its subsequent efforts which while a couple had some minor issues, overall we get to see a franchise do justice to the fantastic character in the novels and bring us The Bond of a Lifetime. The definitive Bond in my view.

    • @Len Do you play video games? It will help you to understand better when it comes to shootouts and the classic look of facilities and scenery which all the classic bond movies have incorporated with the formula. Which Casino does not have. Of course there is the Gadgets as well which I will admit can be cheesy at times but there are some great ones as well. To me a classic Bond movie takes you on that mission where you feel like you can play in and make a great video game out of. There are larger than life villains that you cant forget and are just as exciting as Bond at times. The villains in Casino are forgettable. I know Casino is a back story, but it is just too dry and a Bond movie without being a Bond movie. It is good, but it just doesnt fit with the rest of the franchise along with Quantum. To me Quantum is actually not a bad story, it just has a shitty showdown with some of the worst camera work I have ever seen. But back to Casino, Its trying to not be Bond until the very end where he introduces himself.

    • @J Sky And what constitutes that formula? What magic is missing from Casino Royale, that Skyfall brings back?

    • @Len I would refrain from using the term realistic to describe Casino Royale. Remember it is still a fantasy movie. The chase through the construction site is still over the top and far fetched even though it is a fantastic sequence . The best way to describe Casino is its more gritty, intense and with a more serious tone than most other Bond films. It is a well done and a well acted movie. But to me, it doesnt feel like a Bond movie. Bond movies have that certain feel. I am a fan of all the Bond actors and movies for what they are, whether they are silly or more serious toned. But they have a certain feel, and Casino to me feels too much like the Bourne movies and some of the other gritty action movies that came out at the time. Even Licence To Kill, a more serious Bond film still has that Bond feel to it. What I think it boils down to is the formula. Casino broke the formula for the fresh start and back story which definitely was a good thing at the time after the cgi screw up with Die Another Day. But at the same time, it also lost that magic touch of the feel of Bond which would be brought back in Skyfall. If they did not do that, the franchise would have died.

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  42. Youll have it tomorrow …. all of it! in debtors terms really means: Youll never see any of it …. ever!

  43. I love how Bond gets Vesper to go get Mathis to help with the situation.. she’s scared out of her wits and probably hurt but isn’t sure. Bond knows he is for sure but he wants to show Le Chiffre he’s able to be one that he should and honestly trust since that’s one group of folks that won’t go chasing after him anymore.

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  45. Вытяни руку, красотка, а то ударю по шее©

  46. What if they just killed some poor guy and his girlfriend cuz he was hard of hearing?

  47. I just now noticed that his machete knocked Bond’s gun out of his hand… very subtle but amazing attention to detail.

  48. Would’ve been a bit more realistic if Bond had picked up the pistol afterwards and “confirmed” that they were both dead…. But that would’ve been a bit too gory.

  49. They way he took out that first guy. Dropped him down the stairs absolutely awesome

    • Yep, it showed his rookie fire was engaged and working, but he screwed up on the follow-up attack with his pistol.

  50. 3:15 look how he’s feet were still struggling starting to slow down after she shot him

    • Think again It didn’t even hit the wall I heard it going off and it struck his head

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