Çevrimiçi kumarhane çılgın vegas çevrimiçi

Bu faktör sayesinde, kupon türü hala gösterge. Lig bahisleri için hızlı tahminler. Şeker sarmalayıcılarda oynamak için slot makineleri. Boş pozisyonlar analisti bahisçi. En adil gerçek para kumarhaneleri.

Çılgın vegas kumarhanesini çevrimiçi indir – En İyi çevrimiçi kumarhaneler gerçek para

Gerçek parayla kumarhanede oyna volcano kaydı. Bahisçiler nasıl bahis oynanır. Boks anthony joshua ve klitschko tahminleri. Şimdi, daha ayrıntılı olarak, birçok popüler spor disiplini sunan BayBahis bahisçisinin ofisinin web sitesinde ve potansiyel tüketiciden saklayacak hiçbir şeyi yoktur.

Çevrimiçi kumarhane çılgın vegas ! site

Bk betcity site aynasına nasıl çevrimiçi kumarhane çılgın vegas çevrimiçi. Moskova haritasında Moskova bahisçileri. Spor hava tahmini yazılımı. Bir bahisçide kesin bahisler..

109 thoughts on “Çevrimiçi kumarhane çılgın vegas çevrimiçi”

  1. I usually play really low bets and one time I went to the high limit section and wanted to only bet $5. Ended up pushing $20 bet by accident and I got a $270 hit. What Im trying to say is I saw my mistake and my mini win and left that section before I lost it all. 😂🤭 Nice job! Love your channel!

  2. Yes!! Another YouTuber with a great personality!!! You are funny!! Keep doin you!!! Love from Wichita Kansas!!

  3. Thank you baby jesus thank youuu baby jesus for that mistake! Hahaha your my idol.

  4. You are so happy and grateful,for what you win and is so fun to watch. 😀

  5. its a wonder you dont have a heart attack , calm down dood your not winning millions, lol

  6. This aint new, here in Mexico weve had this one since 2-3 years ago. Tired of IGTs games.
    We are lacking bad from WMS, those are my favorites by far, but they removed them from all casinos here in Cancun.
    I miss you, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Sex and the City, The Hangover, Titanic, Black Knight, Jungle Wild, Zeus, and ALL the other ones 🙁

    • Same in canada all WHS gone my favorite was zues. Now i just play online.

  7. Hardly recommended to always try the maximum bets at the very beginning, If nothing happens on 5 spins go back to your normal bets.

  8. Im going to subscribe to your channel because you crack me up! Congrats on your mistake! 😁

  9. Glad you won. I worry for your life though, because if you use all those I used to be the class clown in middle school voices in your regular job, Im sure some of them are plotting to kill you.

  10. Thank you baby jeeesus thank you baby jeeesusss thank youuu baby jeesuss, baby jeeesuss, thank youuu.

     I love how much fun you have playing these, it actually makes watching fun for us. Its funny as hell

  11. Great win, but I do have to say the EPIC WIN in the title is a little misleading. I say that with no disrespect because I know how the algoriths work. But still, a little unfair. Love the excitment sir.

  12. Cool mistake, but honestly that was a dud feature. 800 bucks for a 20 buck spin. If you had’ve bet 1 dollar you would have only won 40 bucks. I’d probably be bummed if it was me!

  13. Fuck me youre annoying. Wish hed just shut the fuck up sometimes.

  14. I love hearing you talk, semi yell at the machine. It’s like I’m there with you! I be screaming at my machine!!! 😩😂🤣

  15. VegasLowRoller what is your best jackpot on YouTube, something I have to see

    • Seriously, you are so joyful, optimistic and your enthusiasm MAKES my day.

  16. I accidentally bet max of $8.80 on water dragon machine, I only put in $20, but I guess I didn’t change the default to 88 cents. Won 200+ free spins on my first press when my brother literally told me to go to another machine but I insisted to give it a try. I won $5,200!!!

  17. On the first machine any time a wild shows she turns that whole real wild.

  18. Someone please tell me what song is playing at the beginning? The intro song, I need to know

  19. Why doesn’t anyone try to win by pressing the button before it stops I win bigger choosing my own fate

  20. During the first free games you sound like a dad who is watching a magic trick with his little child 🙂 Love your enthusiasm though!

  21. This happened too me i was on one of those penny machines that you can change the denomination on to like 5, and 10 cent well i got on and it was selected on the highest and i bet max not realizing it was 35 dollars a spin and i lost my 350 bucks in like 10 spins in like less then a minute i was so upset because i literally didnt look at how much i was betting.. so ill never make that mistake again i learned from my mistake..

  22. one time i saw womdbody bet 20 euro on machine and got 3 books of ra and gor full screen of man and got 100k

  23. I love how animated you are!! One of the better channels out there!! Keep up the great work!

  24. Love how he said that, everytime I make the same mistake I lose 20 dollars seems to make a lot of those mistakes

  25. One time I was at the Hardrock casino in Tampa. Went into the high roller room with my dad. Sat down at one of those Chinese 88 fortune machines? Put a hundo in and pressed max bid. Little did I know it was a $88.88 bid. In an instant I was like, where did the money go? Lol I wish I wouldve hit with that! Wouldve been a big happy mistake for sure

  26. Fuck him I think your funny dude stay as you are your the most amusing out there baby Jesus haha

  27. NEVER say I’ll bring it down to, say a thousand. ALWAYS ALWAYS say I’ll bring it up to eleven hundred. THINK POSITIVE!

  28. The worst thing was is i just hit the most i ever one on a slot machine which was 350 bucks and thats when i jumped on the machine 3seats down to the left and ended betting max on 5 cent machine didnt realize how much i bet and lost it all.. i wasnt upset i lost i was upset how i lost and how fast i losy i try to just play poker tournaments i win money and spend less then 100 bucks and i can gamble for hours and keeps me away from the machines..

  29. He is hilarious !And that person you wish to be around of.That sweet baby Jesus killed my soul 🤣🤣🤣 i was dying.Love from Romania 🇷🇴

  30. Thanking a man that doesnt agree with the money changers and or gambling makes no sense bro! Dont get me wrong, just leave JC out of it!

  31. What a joke machine if you get that on a Australia machine you walking home more then a hand pay.

  32. Nice win ! Pleas don’t play 20 all the time tho you wouldn’t be the same …

  33. Was down 140 when i said i was gnna leave if down 100. Was walking out. Passed a roulette table and something told me to bet on 20. Got 4 5 dollar chips put one on 20 and it hit. Got my money back plus 30 bucks. Will never happen again and ill always regret throwing 100 on it lmao

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