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  1. The Bellagio is my favorite hotel and casino. My favorite time to be there is at Christmas.

  2. It’s so beautiful, thanks for share this information with me!!!!

  3. I love the fall display the most. Talking tree is my favorite. Always happy to see him.

    • I love the Talking Tree too! Easily the best part of this display.

  4. Just found this vlog. Sean you are doing a great job! Please dont stop

  5. Has O been running since Bellagio opened? (of course except for times like these)

    • Cirq is in tough times. Going to be a spell before they get back up to speed. Went BK.

  6. Love what they have done with the fall theme. ❤️ The place looks so much different at night.

    • Agreed. Thats a good point! Maybe Ill try to film one of the seasonal displays at night to show how different it looks.

  7. As much as I love Bellagio and the Conservatory…after 20 years of visiting…..seeing the same items re-used so much is getting tired. This is my home base when I visit….and I know these shows are phenomenally expensive and time consuming…wish they’d get some new props……Sept 2021, baby!

  8. I do like your videos so much. Woulf like return to Las Vegas asap. Was there lasz october. Greetz from germany.

    • Hey Dirk! Im glad you are enjoying the videos and thanks for the kind words!

  9. Omg what do you mean it was busy ? It’s dead and it’s nothing like old Vegas. I’ve been going to Vegas since the 80’s and it’s slow !

    • I’m a limo driver in Vegas since 2001 on the strip I work high end and low end I know the city and outer city but it’s slow and the people here are not Vegas people . There here because the room rates are low . We had the same problem in 2008 in the crash and the casinos made the mistake of lowering the room rates and they trashed the rooms and they had to remolded floor by floor . I’m not bashing on you I like the channel but it’s slow

    • I dont know how to describe it other than Ive been on the Strip dozens of times since it reopened in June. This was the busiest I have seen it outside of peak times and especially the busiest at Bellagio. Also remember this was filmed non-Summer on a Monday meaning it wasnt prime time. Of course the Bellagio is busier than that at nights and on weekends but for there to be so many people around during the week was a good sign. All I can offer is my opinion as someone who himself started visiting in the 1980s and who has lived here since 1993.

  10. Conservatory
    I appreciate all the effort to keep unique presentations that change seasonally year round.
    I usually walk through there once while staying at Bellagio.
    After one look, I am done. Seen it enough.

    • I think it works on different levels for different people. I usually spend a few minutes walking around and seeing it, but I know others who visit multiple times and/or eat with views of it. There is no wrong answer, but either way its unique, well done and pleasant!

  11. awsome im looking foward to cheistmas display ty for sharing love yur videos

  12. I always enjoy the Christmas holiday and Chinese New Year displays. I always try to make an attempt to get over an see whatever they have, its always a fun ‘escape’ on the strip. My 21st birthday I won $1000 at a slot machine here, this was before tickets, so a woman walked over to me with $100 dollar bills to pay me out. She also showed me that if I had hit the “max bet” button, it would have been a lot more money. I didn’t care, it made a very special birthday for me. We immediately went to the bar and I bought a 21 dollar drink, which at the time was INSANE back then. It is such a fun and special memory. Thanks for sharing your memories. Enjoying your channel.

  13. Thanks for the video! Maybe its because of the social distancing but this display seems a bit more sparse than earlier ones. The Christmas one is always my favorite. Nice to see the video poker bar is back open.

    • Interesting point. It is a lot less crowded than normal which makes it much easier to see. It didnt feel sparse in person, but I can see what you mean.

  14. When I was there over Labor Day, they were controlling how many people came in to the display area at one time.

    • And people are polite and courteous for the most part once inside the conservatory

    • They still are. There were times when there was a line and times when there wasnt enough people. They dont control people once inside but just control the flow through it and control the total number of people admitted.

  15. We love Las Vegas. I remember sitting on the front steps of the Trop watching the trains. Headliner Eddie Fisher sat next to me and asked what I was doing. No kids allowed in the pool back then. Unobstructed view back then. No sidewalks connecting the properties either.
    Now with the C&F fees, high parking fees, rising resort fees, high casino rake gaming rules and odds, real tough to get a comp drink even if you can,,, its going to get them eventually.
    Used to be Northern Nevada Gaming rules downtown. That ended with the Las Vegas Clubs demolition.

    • No doubt Downtown has become more Strip like. A lot of people like the new version of Vegas but it definitely is WAY different than it used to be.

  16. damn I was there last week, and they had just started this. they got it put together really quick

  17. I LOVE the conservatory display…’s amazing.
    That’s what love about Vegas and I keep telling people… don’t need to gamble to enjoy Vegas…
    It’s amazing…….I could spend all day there.
    I expect it was busier as most people thought it wouldn’t be busy on a week day!
    Another fabulous Las Vegas video….

  18. I like this fall display better! Hoping to come in Jan. Had to Cx Oct. due to unplanned surgery.

  19. They have the fall setup? Theyve had the talking tree for a couple years now. I usually only get to see the Fall display, since I dont go until November each year

    • Yup they just switched it over. I love the Talking Tree and he is always a welcome sight. One of my favorite parts of the displays!

  20. Love the Fall/Autumn display. I’m sure the Christmas one will be beautiful!

    • I think Christmas is my favorite, but I love the Chinese New Year as well. As you can probably tell I think theyre all great though.

  21. I have only seen the area decorated. When they change for the seasons do they work all night long or is it closed for several days ? Thank you for the tour and I didnt enjoy the Hello Kitty but love this fall theme.

    • Thanks Donna. Im not sure how they pull off the change so quickly. I think it happens over a couple of days, but I could be wrong. Ill see if I can find an answer and convey it in the future.

  22. When I was there on the last week of October this year they had a lot of the fountains turned off which was very unfortunate. The rainbow fountain before walking into the hollowed tree base in the center was turned off. The leaf fountain inside of the hollowed tree base was turned off and full of coins. I even saw at around 3:30 AM in the morning 4 delinquent boys climbing on the leaf fountain and messing with it by stealing some of the coins and using some of them to roll off the leaves. And then the talking tree was experiencing some technical difficulties. His eyes were stuck to one side and his audio was completely muffled and inaudible. Other than that it was a pretty display. I waited till 4:00 AM in the morning to take some photos spheres and the final one turned out beautifully.

    • That stinks! Hopefully they fixed them, but what you describe definitely feels like a lesser show.

  23. Thanks Shawn; Beautiful! My favorite is the Christmas Holiday Season. All of them are gorgeous! CAB 🙂

  24. YAY! I can’t wait till I come the week of Halloween 🙂 I am debating park mgm or vdara 🙂

  25. Great Video! I am surprised the Conservatory is still a Free attraction, I would have thought they would be charging an admission to help pay for the Displays. I really like the Christmas display the best, because it is so festive, and timely. Thanks for the Tour, looking forward to your next video.

    • I guess they figure it draws people into their property which in turn means they will spend money. Theyve managed to keep it free all of this time and I hope it continues long into the future!

  26. Which seasonal display is your favorite and what do you think about that Poker room?

    • Poker rooms cool if they open some tables for 7 card s.your videos are very informative.thanks.

  27. Love your video… I love staying at the bellagio such a classy place… keep up the good work… just sub.

  28. Last couple times i was there all they had was tex holdem tournaments.couldnt find my old fashion games

    • Interesting. Video roulette and blackjack seems to be taking over these days.

    • I know not every video will be for everyone, but I appreciate you watching and Im glad you enjoyed it.

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